How To Make Part B, HCL (Hydrochloric Acid) The G2Cu Easy Way

Each Thursday at 6 pm central we take you by the hand and make it with you. Our goal is to show every person on earth how to make and use this low-cost water purification kit. Billions of people have used this and then magically became disease-free because of simply drinking clean pure water. The body heals/cures itself.

How To Make HCL Part B The G2CU Easy Way!

Make a 4 oz / 120 ml bottle of HCL (hydrochloric acid)

Tools and supplies

0-200 g scale, distilled water, 200 ml beaker, 100 ml beaker, 50 ml beaker,

37% HCL, pipette, plastic spoon, 4 oz / 120 ml empty bottle, plastic funnel

Step 1.

Set the scale to grams. Place a 200 g / ml beaker on the scale and tare.

Step 2.

Pour 107.0 g / ml of distilled water into the beaker. Remove from the scale.

Step 3.

Place a 50 g / ml beaker on the scale and tare.

Step 4.

Using good safety methods, pour 15.0 g / ml of 37% HCL acid into the beaker

Step 5.

Pour the HCL acid into the 200 g / ml beaker of distilled water. It is now diluted to 4%.

To Finish: Pour the contents into a 4 oz/ml dropper bottle.

Label as Part B, 4% HCL Acid

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